About Pk God Shoes Transportation Matters
1. The main transportation carriers of Pk God Shoes are DHL and EMS. We usually use these 2 international carriers to transport our packages. We will select the corresponding logistics contractor based on the customs policy of the receiving area, as well as tariffs and other considerations. Of course, the customer can specify the logistics company we use, but if any additional costs are incurred during the transportation process, the customer will bear it.

2. For QC. We can provide free QC to customers. After the order is paid successfully, we will send QC according to the customer's requirements.
The requirements are divided into the following three types:

QC is required, and the goods must be shipped after confirming that they can be shipped. In this case, we will send the QC diagram to the customer within 2-3 working days after the order payment is completed. We will only ship the goods when the customer confirms that it can be shipped. ! If the customer is not satisfied, we can replace the QC with a new pair of shoes.

QC is required, and no confirmation is required for direct shipment. In this case, we will send the QC diagram to the customer within 2-3 business days after the order is paid, and the shoes will be delivered 12 hours before the customer receives the QC diagram. It has been handed over to the logistics company, and the shoes are already in transit at this time. If the customer is not satisfied with the shoes after receiving the QC, they can communicate with our customer service immediately. We will intercept the shoes and arrange a new pair of shoes to the customer.

No QC is required, direct shipment — In this case, we will pack the shoes within 2 working days after the order is paid and ship it directly.

3. How long will I receive the shoes? You will receive your parcel in about 8-25 days after we hand over the parcel to the logistics company.

4. After sending the package, we will send the status of the package by mail and provide detailed tracking information. If you will find that your order status is "shipped", but you can't find the logistics information. Don't worry, this is normal. After 2-5 days, we will send you the tracking number via email. The tracking number can accurately check the package information.