Pk God Shoes Return And Exchange Policy
Except for serious quality problems or damage, Pk God Shoes operates in accordance with the principle of non-returnable goods. This is due to the high cost of shipping to China. Although we only charge a basic shipping fee of 39 US dollars for each pair of shoes to the United States, the actual logistics cost for each pair of shoes to the US is more than 50 US dollars, and you will find It may take a minimum of 80 USD logistics fee to return a pair of sports shoes to us. We strongly recommend that you, if your sports shoes are not suitable, you can try to sell them on the local market. Pk God Batch's sneakers are highly sought after, and what you ask for is much more than what you pay for!

Pk God Shoes will be refunded or reissued in the following cases

1. If the shoes you received are seriously damaged during transportation, please contact our customer service staff via WhatsApp. You need to provide photos of the damaged shoes. When our customer staff has verified the situation and confirmed that the damage is due to logistics, we will arrange a pair of shoes for you.

2. Quality problems, if you find that the shoes are seriously inconsistent with QC after receiving the shoes, or there is a very serious quality problem. Please also take pictures as soon as possible, and contact our customer service staff, we will verify the situation. If it is our responsibility, we will refund the full amount or issue a new pair of shoes to you!

3. Regarding the damage of the shoe box during transportation. Ordinary shoe boxes are damaged during transportation, we will not provide any compensation! Special shoe boxes (shoe boxes purchased at high prices) were damaged during transportation. We can resend a brand new shoe box to you, or give you an equivalent coupon for your next purchase.

#Pk God Shoes does not accept any after-sales application that subjectively believes that the product is defective or of poor quality. If you think the shoes are defective or of poor quality, please contact our team members first, and we will seriously deal with all after-sales problems!